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Minority Business Loan

If you belong to a minority group and are looking for business loan, you have come to the right place. Our leading financial service company offers minorities and women fast and easy loans for business purposes at reduced interest rates. Our wide assortment of business loan programs is customized to meet your specific requirements.

Whether you need commercial real estate loan, business loan, cash advance, or car finance—we will get you the perfect solution. On the contrary if you need some quick finance for inventory or equipment or to raise your working capital, apply for a minority loan.

Speed process and low interest rates with flexible loan terms for business purposes only at My Own Business Loan!

We understand the need of bringing a minority person to the mainstream of society! To lift you economically and socially, we leave no stone unturned in offering you the best loan program, suitable for your business needs. We also arrange to provide incentive-based small business loans for minorities as well.

The maximum loan we can get you is $5,000,000 and finance up to 90% of the amount and the minimum is as low as $25,000 for requiring working capital. Almost all our loan programs are sanctioned and guaranteed by SBA.  For further information fill our form available online or mail us at the given address. A friendly representative will shortly join you for your assistance. Moreover, to qualify for our loan program just fill in the details required in the pre-approval form.


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