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Merchant Cash Funding

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Small Business Loan (Low Documentation)

No financial statements needed. Bad credit accepted. This program is the newest financing solution that only requires your merchant statement or bank statement. It's a unique small business loan program designed to allow merchants who are currently accepting credit cards take out a quick and easy loan with minimal requirements. And best of all, we work with business owners who have bad credit. Loan requests using this method can be approved and funded as soon as 72 hours. That means working capital in your account on the fourth day after you apply. This loan is ideal for business owners in need of quick capital for inventory, equipment, or even bonus salary for employees.

Loan Amount: Based on merchant statementsSmall Business Loan Pre-approval Application

Loan Term: From as soon as 30 days to as long as 12 months

Approval Time: 3 - 7 days (funds will be available)

Required Documentation: Merchant or Bank Statements, proof personal information*, and proof of business ownership*.

Additional Information:

*For any questions regarding exact documentation requirements, please contact us by email at support@myownbusinessloan.com or just apply today with no hassle and qualify for pre-approval! Don't forget to Inquire about our incentive programs regarding small business loans for woman and business owners with bad credit.


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