Small Business Loan for Women

  1. Personal Professional Assistance Provided
  2. High Approval Rate
  3. Quick Loan Processing
  4. Incentive Programs Available
  5. Government Guaranteed Competitive Rates
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Small Business Loans

Are you tired of shopping around for the lowest commercial loan rate in the market or simply getting a quick approval for a small business loan to help jumpstart your business?

We are a leading financial service company offering our clients a wide array of business financing solutions tailored to meet every specific business needs. Our financial products include but not limited to commercial real estate loans, small business loans, cash advance, and a newly developed business loan express program that can finance your business within a 72-hour funding time.

We have a high approval rate for borrowers with various circumstances.
Whether you're requiring specific incentive program such as a small business loan for minority or small business loan for women, we will find the best business loan program for you. Our wide network of direct lending relationship provides an opportunity for us to place you in the best loan program that fit your business needs.

Start Up Business Loans(SBA Loans)

SBA Loans are fully amortized for the length of the term ranging from 7 to 25 years depending on the use of the loan. No balloon payments at the end of the term. And up to 90% financing meaning only a 10% down payment is required by the borrower. SBA Loans are guaranteed by the government therefore providing the market with extremely competitive rates for small business loans up to $5,000,000. These small business loans can be used for commercial real estate purchases, working capital, as well as other uses sanctioned by the government.

Veteran Business Loan & Minority Business Loan

With over a hundred direct lending relationships available, we can offer the best incentive programs for our borrowers. We have a high approval rate for borrowers because we are not limited to a few programs available from a specific bank or lender. We also are able to provide incentive small business loans for veteran, women and/or minorities. These incentive programs for women and minorities may include reduced rates, quicker approval and funding, as well as many other benefits for veteran business loans.

Business Credit Card

With the highest approval rate among all types of financing, business credit cards are the most recommended form of funding by A revolving line of credit can be used on inventory and normal office expenses. Once inventory is sold and profit is made, the line of credit can be paid off and used again to purchase additional inventory to be sold. A business credit card makes it easy for a start up business owner to track expenses through the credit cards monthly statement and report.

Business Credit Card

Cash Financing

Merchant Cash Funding


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