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Commercial Real Estate Loan

Commercial property loans, also known as commercial real estate loans, are generally used for purchasing whole commercial buildings or constructing commercial buildings. Your business can qualify for up to $5,000,000 for commercial real estate purchases with up to 90% financing meaning ONLY 10% down payment is required. Rates are monitored by the Small Business Administration (SBA) making rates highly competitive. These commercial rates are also fully amortized for up to 25 years with no balloon payment. Fully amortized commercial loans prevents your business from going through a conventional bank review and having your commercial loan reamortized resulting in more interest. Your rates are fixed from when your business receives the loan to the very last payment 25 years later. Most conventional bank loans are also structured in a way that creates balloon payments disrupting your cashflow but SBA regulated loans are fully amortized, preventing balloon payments so you won't be surprised each month you receive the invoice.

Loan Amount: $250,000 - $5,000,000Small Business Loan Pre-approval Application

Loan Term: 25 years fully amortized

Loan-To-Value: Up to 90% financing on commercial real estate purchases

Interest Rate: As low as Prime Rate + 1.00

Additional Information:

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